31 August 2015

We have been going through all of our closets to clean them out a bit, make them more weather appropriate (hello, autumn!) and  maybe even find things we have forgotten about. And this emerald green top was definitely one of those things we had forgot about. Why I say we? Because that's actually my moms top, which she bought a really long time ago, heck I was not even in the plans yet! And the second reason is the fact that we have always helped each other out when it came down to fashion choices. As a result we know each others closets perfectly (which actually works out great on my side, cause I get to borrow my favorite pieces if I ask nicely) and it is a normal situation when for example my mom goes and says that I should change and wear that thing I have totally forgot about or vice versa. So I think of all the closets as ours not mine or my moms (or even dads). 

And now lets get back to the outfit in question. Although the semi shine adds a festive feeling to the emerald green piece here I wanted to make it more day appropriate without loosing its charm. So a few more layers were added and white jeans found to offset the emerald green. I then added a red lip and a light emerald green smokey eye (so light you even cannot see it here. I mean that has to be a talent of some kind :D ). So, how do you like the result? Was the shopping in my moms closet worth it? 

Vintage emerald green top, H&M semi sheer top, C&A jeans, MAC lipstick in Russian Red and FENDI sunglasses

Photos by Līva, editing by me

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